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Tracks looked at Perceptor curiously wondering what was going on.

::Positively so, and I fear not. Which is why what better a time to teach him a lesson, don’t you think?:: A snide smirk.

"Tracks, pick your weapon of choice. Your opponent is on his way from the sound of it, and he’s not pleased. Shame on you for talking as you do of him," furrowing his brow, giving him a stern and serious look.

"Told him everything you said and then some." Okay, he didn’t say any of what Tracks had spoken of at all. But that didn’t matter, you get the gist of it. "And I am obligated to forewarn you, he isn’t in the best of moods."


Too bad Wheeljack looked about as threatening as a lethargic kitten as he entered the room. One winglet was half cocked to the side, while the other threatened to droop equally so. What? He was tired. Tired, but ready, and he gave them both a smirk.

"So, heard you were lookin’ for me," he said, straightening. "So what’ll it be: a duel? Always been a fan of swords, myself.."

Hence the two nice, shiny ones nigh permanently adhered to his back.



Tracks nodded before falling silent as Perceptor contacted Wheeljack, as he waited he began going over a list of fabrics he needed to order for his line of human fashion in his processor.

::Tracks is talking shit about you and looking for a fight,:: he cast a side long glance at Tracks. Oh, he knew what he was saying- and it was all in the name of science. He wanted to see the type of expression that crossed his face, what his reaction would be.

Tracks might think he was serious, but he knew for a fact Wheeljack would not.

::Right here, right now. Don’t show up and you’re disqualified and Tracks wins.::

::That so? Don’t think Tracks knows who he’s up against, eh Percy?::

Ohh, but even if it was a joke, Wheeljack felt the compulsion to get up and defend his honour, anyway. He was not even going to hypothetically lose to Tracks, despite the fact that staying on the berth sounded much more comfortable. Hrm.

Upsie daisy. 

He would, of course, be there momentarily. Might just be a little slower than normal, as the mech hadn’t exactly been expecting to be summoned.

::Just tell Tracks not to get his panel in a knot, will ya? He picked a lousy time to pick a fight.::



"Sure," Tracks nodded looking intrigued at learning more about how they do experiments, "I can understand the necessity of blowing something up to make sure it is resistant to blunt force and such. After all I often test new fabric I get by pulling on it with my full strength to see how much abuse it can take before ripping."

"Precisely like that. Checking the density of the metal, deciding which mixtures to use to reinforce it, putting it through heating and chilling and blunt impact. Everything you do to your fabric and then some," he raised a servo to the side of his helm, pressing down at the back of one audial to open his comm.

He beeped for Wheeljack’s code, putting a finger up to signal silence to Tracks as he set out to call.


He had half a thought to ignore it; check in tomorrow. Wheeljack is out for lunch [and feeling lazy], but.. nah, might do that to Bulkhead, but Percy was something of a different story

::I’m all audios.::

I have this strange feeling that someone’s talkin’ about me. Can’t put my finger on who..




You should cut your old man some slack—say, why aren’t you talking to him? Don’t tell me I’m dead already.
Wheeljacks are like roaches, even if someone tried to off you, you’d still be running amoc. And as for why not my own? Because I left, out seeing the world. While I’m here I might as well go after you. Counts doesnt it?

Sounds familiar. How’s that going for you?




And I’m beginning to think I got the short end of the stick here. Not only do you know more about me, but I can’t exactly do anything with what you have told me—

Other than stop it from happening, but I don’t think that’s in either of our best interests.

Always open to questions, sunshine. But hey, even if it didn’t happen in this time line, it would still happen in another. The multiverse is a waterfall and every droplet of water is a universe in its own with multitudes resting inside it. Still exist one way or another. Gonna harrass you in every universe if I can help it.

You should cut your old man some slack—say, why aren’t you talking to him? Don’t tell me I’m dead already.